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 I first moved to Coventry at 15 years old with my Grandmother. Right away, I began my time in public service as a volunteer firefighter in Coventry. I eventually opted to stay in Coventry and dedicate myself to the people of Coventry as a Career Lieutenant Firefighter. I went on to become the first Paramedic in the history of the Coventry Fire District. 

I have gone beyond my duties as a firefighter/paramedic. I took on the task of grant writing for Coventry Fire District at no cost. My goal was to take as much financial pressure off the taxpayers as I could while fulfilling the needs of the district.


          I successfully wrote and managed the district's first-ever FEMA grant. We were awarded $74,499. I was able to purchase a direct capture vehicle exhaust system to protect our firefighters. After careful project management and budgeting, I was able to use excess funds to purchase a needed secondary set of fire gear for our firefighters. This action saved the taxpayers approximately $22,000.

        My efforts toward public service have spread beyond the borders of our great nation to provide medical care as a Paramedic to people in the nation of Honduras in 2020. 

         I was appointed to the Town of Coventry Economic Development Commission in 2021 where my focus was to shape the view of the Town and support small businesses and commercial development. 

I have significant business experience as well. I am the Chief Development Officer of American Safety Programs and Training INC. I have developed financial platforms that have shown over 2 million dollars over the last 18 months. I have built relationships and contracts between major corporations in Rhode Island with ASPT, I also developed a way to bring education and jobs to people who otherwise could not afford it. 

        After realizing the disaster Flat River Reservoir (Johnsons Pond) is experiencing, I stepped into a leadership role with the Johnson's Pond Civic Association. My goal was to protect our beloved asset and all the other bodies of water it affects. I spent many hours working with state leadership including local Representatives, Senators, Governor, and Speaker of the House with the goal of getting bills passed to not only protect this reservoir but others in the state as well. I felt that legislation was needed to not only protect the environment but to also protect the Town of Coventry and its citizens from a potential fiscal disaster looming with Flat River Reservoir (Johnsons Pond).


        I was given a commendation by former Governor Raimondo for my successful grant proposal ($5,000) to help our citizens with the worsening opioid pandemic. 

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration at Roger Williams University. 

I don't want to START working for you... I want to CONTINUE to working for you!

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