Councilman LeBlanc

Coventry Town Council 

Councilman LeBlanc has been a stern supporter of the taxpayers in Coventry. His fight began 2 years prior to being elected when his fellow citizens were assessed with large sewer bills that they did not ask for. His hard work and due diligence came to fruition when the RI General Assembly passed a law protecting citizens from like-actions in the future. He continues to be a stern voice for the citizens of Coventry on many issues and acting on facts not feelings. I am honored and proud to have Councilmen LeBlanc's Support as I push for a #NewCoventry.

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Marc Lemoi

President - Johnson's Pond Civic Association

Mr. Lemoi is best known for his efforts in combating Soscia Holdings LLC in his capacity as the President of Johnson's Pond Civic Association. I have worked hand in hand with Mr. Lemoi on this issue and we have together had great success with getting a new law passed in the General Assembly to protect the environment and promote dam safety. I am honored to have Mr. Lemoi's support in my efforts for a #NewCoventry.

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Councilwoman Lima
Coventry Town Council

Mrs. Lima has a significant history in public service prior to joining the Town Council. She came to the Town Council in 2021 and has been effective and fair. She is known for listening to her constituents and doing her homework before making informed decisions that impact everyone. I am honored to have her support for Town Council District 1. 

Jason Hawes
Star of Travel Channels - Ghost Hunters

Jason is a well known member of our community. He is a great personal friend over the last 20 years and keeps a close eye on local issues. Mr. Hawes fully supports my efforts for a #NewCoventry.

Edward Warzycha

Former Coventry Town Manager 

Mr. Warzycha was the former Coventry Town Manager. He retired in 2021. He sees the current state of the town and supports my efforts for change. I am grateful to have the support of Mr. Warzycha 

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