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December 20th 2022

Town Council Suspends Town Manager Marchant, and appoints Ed Warzycha as interim Town Manager. 

December 20th 2022

Town Council approves Centre of New England, Receivership termination order. This ends 11 years of uncertainty for the retail complex and paves the way for development.

November 28th

Pascua and fellow Town Council Members name a new town solicitor, Stephen Angell Esq. This replaces solicitor Nick Gorham after 8 years.

MAY 18th

Pascua testifies on Capital Hill in support of H8205 in an attempt to rectify the reservoir (Pond) issue.

June 7th, 4:00 PM

Pascua attends state House Vote  on bill affecting Johnson's Pond.

July 15th, 10:00 AM

Pascua accompanies Governor McKee at Johnsons Pond, showing him and other leaders the first hand damage being experienced at the pond.


December 12th 2022

Town Council meeting 6pm. 

October 19th 2022

Early voting for all districts is happening NOW! You can beat the Nov 8 rush and vote in person at the Coventry Town Hall Annex! 

August 14th 

Deadline to Register to vote in Primary Election

September 13th 

Primary Election 

September 14th  6:00pm

Fundraiser - Old Theater Diner

$25 Per Person - Meet some great people in our town and support a #NewCoventry

October 9th 

Deadline to register to vote in General Election

November 8th

General Election

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Nichole D

 You are truly amazing and we cannot thank you enough for all you have done and will do for our town and the pond! You have our vote!

Kevin B

 You have our support, thanks so very much for all you're doing. We will host signs on our property, thank you so much!

Peter A

I live in  Greene and can't thank you enough for coming out to see us and push for protecting our rural lifestyle in Greene/Western. We never had a Town Council candidate come to our home like this and speak with us. Thank you! 

Donna T

We have seen all the great things you have done for our town for years and are excited for you to be on the council. You and Mr Jamie LeBlanc are the leaders this town needs. It's a dream team!

Matthew C

You are the right man for the job. I haven't been this excited for a candidate in many years. You bring new life into this town.

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